Past members

There are lots of past members of our research group.  Where they are now and what kinds of career paths have they followed?

Postgraduate Students

Jo Klemke                             Senior Policy Officer, Victorian Fisheries Authority
Alice King
James Dalby, Jr                    Aquaculture Analyst, British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture & Lands, Canada
Bernadette Power              Parks Victoria

Chris Walsh                          Prinicpal research fellow, School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences, The University of Melbourne
Anthony Boxshall                Enterprise Fellow, University of Melbourne, and Principal, Science Into Action
John Wright                         Manager, Terrestrial Parks Research, Parks Victoria
Suvaluck Satumanatpan         Associate Professor, Mahidol University, Thailand
Mike Holloway                    Dept of Sustainability & Environment, Victoria
Lynda Chambers                 Climate Forecasting Group, Australian Bureau of Meteorology
Bronwen Burton                 Environment Protection Authority, Victoria
Sonia Talman                       Victorian Fisheries Authority, Victoria
Josh Mackie                         San Jose State University, California
Andrew Sharpe                    Ecologist, Sinclair Knight Mertz
Angus Webb                         Associate Professor, School of Engineering, University of Melbourne
Tania Ng                               Research Fellow, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Jan Carey                              Honorary Fellow, School of BioSciences, University of Melbourne
Tara Anderson                     Geosciences Australia
Jeremy Hindell                     Dept of Environment, Land, Water & Planning, Victoria
Liz Morris                              Monash University, Victoria
Emma Johnston                   Dean of Science, University of NSW
Sean Moran                          Metropolitan Fire Brigade, Victoria
Claire Bennett                      Environmental Scientist, Greater Wellington Regional Council, New Zealand
Elisa Bone               Lecturer, Columbia University, New York
Dustin Marshall    Professor/ARC Fellow, Monash University
Paul Hamer           Department of Primary Industries, Victoria
Allyson O’Brien     Lecturer, University of Melbourne
Trudy Costa         University of Wollongong
Jacqui Pocklington    Marine Scientist, Parks Victoria
Pete Macreadie Associate Professor, University of Technology, Sydney
Anna McCallum   Research Fellow, Museum Victoria
Christian Jung
Tim Smith       Research Fellow, University of Newcastle, Australia
Rachael Bathgate     Research Fellow, University of Melbourne
Michael Sams     Environment Protection Authority, Victoria
Isla Fitridge         Danmarks Tekniske Universitet
Jo Banks                   Research Fellow, University of New South Wales
Malcolm Lindsay
Peter Crockett                     Environmental Consultant, Consulting Environmental Engineers
Paul Carnell.         Research Fellow, Deakin University


Postdoctoral Fellows

Pete Raimondi Professor and Chair of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of California, Santa Cruz

Craig Styan     University College London, Australia

Jeff Ross         Research Fellow, Centre for Marine Science, University of Tasmania

Nathan Knott  Research Fellow, School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of New South Wales

Paul York  Research Fellow, James Cook University

Tim Smith.       Research Fellow, University of Newcastle, Australia

Allyson O’Brien. Lecturer, University of Melbourne

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